To complete your hand crafted jewelry you will need those all important fixings- wire, clasps, spacing beads, crimps...

Beads can be strung on a variety of materials including cord, leather, tigertail wire and silicone elastic. All these materials come in a variety of colours and sizes and can give an individual feel to your hand made jewelry.

Tiger tail is nylon coated multi-stranded wire that is especially sturdy but still quite fine for threading beads and charms. To secure the beads on the wire tiny metal crimps need to be squashed in place. Elastic threads are extremely strong and a great choice for close-fitting bracelets and necklaces if you would rather not have a clasp closure. It is practically invisible so will not detract from your bead design.

Spacing beads are usually very small and are used to separate beads and/or give a bit of sparkle and texture to your piece. These also come in many shapes, sizes, textures and colours.

Closures can be simple and unobtrusive or fancy, decorative additions to your jewelry.

Crimps are needed to secure your work. They are tiny metal tubes or round beads that can be easily squashed flat. Crimps come in silver, gold and other tones that can complement your hand crafted piece. They can be disguised using crimp covers that, when closed, resemble a shiny metal bead .

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