Have a look at these fabulous sources of bead & charm supplies for your jewelry making needs.

Find beautiful glass beads, lampwork beads, gemstone beads of all sizes and colors and charms or pendants to make that special statement.You will soon be creating your own unique, OOAK jewelry pieces like the lovely necklace pictured here (courtesy of What Gems).

Here are some of the many types of beads to choose from for your jewelry making project. Try experimenting with lovely natural materials that can give a unique look and feel to your piece- glass beads, semi precious gemstone beads, metal and wooden beads...

Spoilt for choice- glass beads in all shapes and colours to mix and match in your unique way. Smooth, natural gemstone beads for a truly individual look.

For sparkle and interest- Murano glass beads that look spectacular, metal beads textured or smooth , wooden beads with a light, warm feel.

Metal, wood, pearl & shell

Glass, crystal & gemstone

Create a unique piece of jewelry with charms & pendants...find them here.